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Here’s my first post. I must confess, I’m really excited ! 


As you saw in the title, my first post will be about Summer, but to be more specific, it will be about Summer Holidays !


So, some of us are already in Summer Holidays! (good luck to those who pass their exams !) YAAAAAY. I’M SO EXCITED WOOO. Well, I clearly need to calm down lolz. 

This summer, my family and I will be going to the South of France, between Cannes and Saint Tropez ! I’m really looking for this trip, because I really want to visit Cannes (and also surroundings) but above all to find a cute boy on the beach. I will also go in an amazing trip with some of my friends! Yaaay some more cute boys to find. But this summer, i’ll need to study a lot! In September, I’ll be in my second year of High School. We have a chance to go to Lexington, near to Boston. To be taken, we had to take an exam, and I was selected! So this summer, I’ll be studying, because I need to do four presentation that will count for my final grade, AKA the grade that will allow me to go to the University. I already have some idea for that, and I hope this two and half month of vacations will truly help me ! (did I just used vacations ?) But, I will also have some rest during this holidays, I really need it ! It’s been a very eventful year (I’ll explain why later). So yeah! Hopefully I’ll do everything that I need to do, but have some rest aswell! I’ll make a post for my holidays in South of France, but I’m not sure if I’ll do one for my trip with my friends. 




Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xx FRFRx

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11 Responses to “SUMMER ☀️”

  1. léa Says:

    hey ! je suis venue là car Emma (grxntgvst) a rt un lien qui emmenée à ton blog ! je dois avouer que ton blog est graaave bien ! enfi nton premier post ! j’espère que tu réussiras !
    Moi je vais en Italie pendant deux semaines! je suis graaaave excitée !!!!!! bref ily x

  2. Daniela Says:

    Heeey ! Find your blog and I love it ! Bit disapointed that there is only one post, but hopefully, this blog will be filled with a lot of good new article ! I’ll probavbly past my holidays watching some series on netflix as you said lmao ! See you in an other post ! X

  3. Noemie Says:

    Hey ! Your first post is really cool ! I hope you’ll be doing good for the future ! Well, you did many mistakes here, but you’re french, so that’s ok !
    You should put some more color, but as I saw on previous comment, you can’t really do it ? I’m pretty sure yo ucan, but if it’s the first time you’re using this web site, it’s normal to not find things immediatly ! Well I’m beyond excited to see what else you’ll post here ! Looking forward the Cannes’ post ! Haha x

  4. Gemma Says:

    Hi beautiful ! Read you first post, and despite many mistake, it’s pretty cool ! I’m bit disapointed I’ve found only one post but apparently you started yesterday ? It’s a great debut ! I wonder if it’s your first blog yet,I don’t think so ! Well, this summer, i’ll be in Cannes aswell ! Maybe we’ll be here at the same time haha ! Looking forward your post on Cannes, and maybe an other one before ! x

  5. BumbeLuv Says:

    Ohhh, and to end your blog post :
    I’m going to Australia during July and august for a look book and an Australian lifestyle post ! Have fun at Canned, and good luck for your representation ! x

  6. BumbeLuv Says:

    Hey lovely ! Found your blog on twitter ! Unfortunately ther e is only one post :/ I wish I could read more of your blog ! It’s started pretty well ! (Despite many mistakes but that’s ok!) Looking forward to read more ! Luv xx

  7. Sarah Says:

    Salut ! Je suis la grace a @hugwzayn ! J’aime beaucoup ton blog ! L’ambiance est cool et j’aime beaucoup ton energies ! J’espere que tu reussira ! Cet ete je monte sur Paris ! Pour in meet up ! Je suis grv excitee ! Bref, bonne continuation ! x

  8. blueberry05 Says:

    Morning ! Oh, I’m glad some of my friends share my link!
    So, I think when you said “put more color” you’re talking about color in my text, well I would love to, but I can’t, I mean I don’t think we can in this blog, but I will find out, I hope I will add some more colors later ! I would love to change the mobile site but I just can’t, i search everywhere, but I can’t.. So you just need to go to “Computer” (next to “Mobile” at the end of the article/page) to get a lovely blog. I know there are a lot of mistakes, but I’m french, so sometimes, some I will spell words badly, or my expressions will be really bad, but I promise, I’ll do better later !
    Thank you for you comment, and for telling me what should I change ! I will take note of that ! See you later for an another post ! xx

  9. Alyson Says:

    Heeeey !
    So I went there thanks to @empirezoella
    Tbh, you should put some color, and review your mobile site, is not really attractive ! But it’s your first blog I think, so it’s OK, I mean, I’m no one to tell you if it’s good or not ! I like the way you writes (despite many mistakes), it’s just your site who isn’t that attractive ! Have fun at Cannes, love x

  10. blueberry05 Says:

    Hi love ! Thank you for your comment (you’re my first one, and I’m really excited atm lmao) ! I’ll take note of what you said ! I’ll try to do less mistakes !
    I really want to go to Brighton, espacially on the Brighton Pier ! Have fun there ! Also, do some cool shopping in London haha ! Have some cool holidays then ! Love you x

  11. Lola Styles Says:

    Hey ! Your first post was really good ! I like your energy! I do love the way you write (even if there are some mistakes, but you’re French so that’s ok !) Haha
    This summer I’ll be going to Brighton, and then to London ! I’m so excited, I’ve never been in the south of England before so yeah ! x

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