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MOON, 19JUNE2015


It’s currently 1am, and I’m here, on my sofa, writing this.(obv, I wont post till it’s good) About two hours ago, at 11pm, I heard a firework in the park next to my home (actually there are a lot of fireworks next to where I live, especially at this time of the year). I went to my balcony to see it, and instead of the powerful colors in the sky, my attention went to the moon, a beautiful lightly moon, who were really close to earth (it’ s the first time I see the moon as close to Earth as it). And I don’t know why, but the weather was so nice and the moon was so beautiful, I just decided to sit on the floor and I started to think. Just think. I thought about what life gave me. 2015 has been an incredible year for me, and even if it’s only the half of it, I can tell it’s been the best year of my life so far. I thought about all I have done and all that I had in 2015. But I also thought about everything in my life.

Life gave me so many good things here. Some amazing friends (in real life or in internet). It also gave me a wonderful big sister which I love with all of my heart (and also a wonderful dog). But it also gave me some shitty moments. I have known a lot of problem (health/mental) in my life that made me feel really bad.. I also felt lonely a lot of time. I also made some horrible decision, and I made more than a few mistakes. I said that 2015 has been an incredible year so far, but I must confess, May have not been the happiest months. I returned to that point where I would cry everynight, ’till my sister will come to sleep (yes, we share the same bedroom),but even with her here really next to me, I would wake up at 3am and cry.. I didn’t know why, and I still don’t know, I wanted to cry like that, but I felt really lonely, and yeah.. Felt really bad. So, in my balcony, I was thinking about that aswell. But the fact that I thought about bad things AND good things that happened to me, make me feel better ? I just realized that although for me there were more bad things than good things, good things outweighed the bad, the good things make me feel a little bit “stronger” just by thiking about it. They make me realize that even though bad things were horrible to live, there was always good things that would surpass everything, and it makes me realize how much life can be beautiful and how much you should be grateful for things (good obv) that happened to you, because life can be horrible sometimes, but those little happy things that happened are better than everything ! So yeah, just realized how much I was repeating my words, but the purpose of this post it just to make you realize how life was (more than) once beautiful to you.

So if you’re having a bad day, or if you’re feeling a bit sad, just sit and think about all that life has given to you,bad and good things, and you’ll see, everything will be better.


I hope this will help some of you, really.

(it’s the first time that I sat and thought, and it help me, this morning when I woke up, I felt a bit more happy ? I don’t know how to say, it sounds a bit stupid to say that, but I did feel better)

If you want to share some tips about how to feel better during a bad day, comment down below !



Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax FRFRxx

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14 Responses to “SIT AND THINK ✨”

  1. pauline Says:

    it’s beautiful love.
    this article helped me, you are so cute, i am glad that you exist and you are in my life x

  2. Jess Says:

    Sweetie your post omg, it’s so me omg ! I do that everytime and your right, it helps soooo much ! You’ll help so many of us don’t worry ! xx

  3. Cass Says:

    Wow your post darling… Hope everyrhing is better now baby… When i’m sad i do that ! I sit and i think about happy thing ! That make me happy ! Your post will help so many of us x

  4. Jessica Says:

    Hiiii lovely !! Omg your post is amazing ! Do not worry, it will help sooo many of us ! I hope you feel better ! Whenever i feel sad, i just cry, but that doesn’t help. Next time i’ll try to sit and think ! Love you x

  5. Sophie Says:

    Wow.. hope you better now my lovely ! Whenever i’m sad, i just sit on the floor and listen to music, that kinf help me, but i’ll try to sit and think next time.. thanks for sharing your experience with us.. stay strong x

  6. Daniela Says:

    Wow your post darling.. can’t even describe how i feel.. i found someone who think like me.. omg, i’ll do what you did whenever i feel extremely sad.. i’m kind of happy to see someone who lives the same thibgs as me.. love you x

  7. Dannaé Says:

    Aww,now I think I might know why you called your blog “smile, life is cute” thanks to that post ! Like they’ll be a lot of bad moments, but good moments, as you said, will supass the bad ones ! (I would love it if you’ll do a post of it !) Thanks for sharing your experience ! I’ll do that whenever I feel really bad x

  8. Gemma Says:

    Aww, what a lovely post ! Thanks for sharing your experience with us ! This tip will help so many of us ! This is a really nice one ! I absolutely love it ! When I’m sad I can’t really do anything, but I’ll think about what you said, yep, I will sit and think ! I hope now you feel better lovely x

  9. léa Says:

    Waw…. ton post aidera bcp de gens ! crois moi ! J’aime bien le faite que tu partage ça avec nous, que tu paratges ton experience… Sois forte ! Je ferais ce que tu as dit le jour où je me sentirais réellement mal.. Ily x

  10. Sarah Says:

    Wow your post… I hope you’re better ! I will do what you did whenever i’ll have a bad day.. Thanks for sharing your experience, pretty sure that will help someone.. Love you x

  11. Kirstin Says:

    Wow… Your post just make me relaize how can someone ‘s life can be more shitty than mine.. I hope you feel better lovely… I love your new post ! It will help me (i’m sure) whenever i’ll feel extremely bad.. Thanks for that little advice ! And I still hope you’ll feel a bit more better (or I hope you feel better today !)
    Love youx

  12. Daniela Says:

    Omg, this post is really cool wow. I never thought of my life before, but apparently that went good for you so whenever I’ll feel bad, I’ll just think of the good things ! Sure this post will help someone ! Love you x

  13. BombeLuv Says:

    Heeey love ! Woow I was really excited when I saw that you did a new post ! I really like this one ! I hope you feel better in your life and everything is OK now.. When I feel sad, I just listen to music that reminds me of good thing, for example, I’ll listen to a music that I heard in a gig, and that will remind me how amazing and funny was the gig ! I’m sure your post will help some people out there !

  14. Oceane Says:

    OMG FINALLY, I’ve been waiting for a new post ! It’s really cool ! You’ve done a great job here ! It’s a really cool post, and I think it might help some people ! As for me, I do that everytime, when i’m sad, I just sit down and then I think about everything that made me happy one day, and I feel immediately better ! See you soon in a new post lovely !

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