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So, here we go for an other blog post ! My blog goes pretty well, and I’ve got like 25 views everyday, and I just want to thank you guys ! It means a lot to me ! So let’s get started !


I’m writting this post for the beginning of July (obv), and for me July means the “real” beginning of summer (even if it’s started the 21st of June). I don’t know about you, but every year I can barely wait for summer to get here. Summer, the REAL summer ! With 30 degrees Celsius that make us feel like we are on the seaside, or in the jungle, even though we stay in the city.


What does summer means to me ? (i won’t do a post like my first post)

Summer means going out, having fun, have a rest from my school year, going on holidays with my fam’ and friends, going to the park, to the cinema (actually I do that all year), yeah basically just have fun !

AAAAND, what is the best thing that can accompagny me during this summer, when I’m out with friends, when I’m on holidays or when I just want to relax next to a lake ? A PLAYLIST !! Actually two, one for music, and the other for reading !

Here’s my two playlist for this summer ! There might be old things, but hey, sometimes old things are the best things !



BOOKS: (you don’t have to read all of them, just pick two or three, or you can just don’t pick anything)

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

Girl Online – Zoë Sugg (Zoella)

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (old but gold)

Hugo & Rose – Bridget Foley

I was here – Gaye Forman (hardcore)

Love and miss communication – Elyssa Friedland

Summer Secrets – Jane Green

The Girl on the train – Paula Hawkins

The status of all things – Liz Fenton&Lisa Steinke

We were liars – E. Lockhart



MUSIC : Summer is  upon us and I’m here to help you soundtrack those glorious days in the sun with the ultimate round-up of summer songs

Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum 

Ariana Grande ft Major Lazer – All my love

Ariana Grande ft The Weeknd – Love me harder

Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer

Fifth Harmony – Worth It

Kygo – Firestone 

Little Mix – Black Magic (my baes)

Major Lazer – Lean On

Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband  (k this song is really controversial, but still, it’s really catchy for summer !)

Rudimental – Never let you go  

r3hab & KSHMR – Karate

Selena Gomez – Good for you

Troye Sivan –  Happy Little Pill



Well that’s it for this post !

Hope my two “playlist” will be ‘helpful’ for your summer ! If you want to add any songs or books, just comment down below !

Hope this two months will be great for you guys !

See you soon !


Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax FRFRxx


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22 Responses to “HELLO JULY ⭐”

  1. ler o que ele disse Says:

    Stephanie, creio que não dará tanta diferença. http://www.N-f-l.jp/3030-bbs/yybbs.cgi?list=thread

  2. Krystal Says:

    HELLO JULY ⭐ | BlueBerry | SMILE, LIFE IS CUTE is an amazing article regarding psychological thriller book

    Feel free to surf to my web blog; Darren Goldstein

  3. Sarah Says:

    Please give us an update, we need to know what’s happening love x

  4. Noemie Says:

    Hey, when will you post ? It’s been a while, everything’s ok ? X

  5. Jess Says:

    It’s been a while since you didn’t post, hope everything is ok x

  6. Tene Says:

    Looking for a new post soon haha x

  7. blueberry05 Says:

    Oh yeah, I should have think of that.
    Thank you for your advice x

  8. blueberry05 Says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment !
    My favourites books are
    Love and miss communication
    Love you x

  9. Daniela Says:

    Such a good post we’ve got here !that a great idea ! Really looking forward to see a new post from you ! I’m one of your fan for sure ;)

  10. Tene Says:

    This post omg, your taste for the books you chose is soooo great ! Love this blog ! Love x

  11. Maylis Says:

    What a great post here ! Lookimg for some new good post x

  12. Bella Says:

    Despite many mistakes, this article (and the other aswell) are really good ! This is such a good idea to have a playlist for reading ! That is a really good post ! Hopefully we’ll get a new one soon ! Love you x

  13. Lisa Says:

    AWWWWW THIS IS A GOOD POST !!! What a great way to start july and summer amd yeaaaah ! Those playlist are amazing, and omg i’m in love with your choices ! Hope to see a new post really soon

  14. Cass Says:

    Wooow, this is a good way to start summer ! It’s such a great idea to have this two playlist ! I know what I will listen &read this summer, next to pool ;) this is such a good post ! Love x

  15. towersnouis Says:

    Yaaay i love your article! It made me smile to read this jewel! Plus you’re talking about my babies aka queens mix

  16. Daniela Says:

    Hello darling ! Your new post is amazing ! I really like this playlist idea! Which one do you prefer for reading ? I will take it for sure !! Thanks for sharing all of this cutie ! xx

  17. BumbeLuv Says:

    Heeey ! OMG your new psot is sooooooooo cool ! This is such a good idea to have a playlist for reading (as everyone said haha) ! But I’m in looove with this idea, and I’m attempt to read Love and miss communication ! Which one do you prefer ? Love you xx

  18. Ana Says:

    WHAT A NICE POST WE’VE GOT HERE OMG ! This is so cool to have like a playlist for reading !!! Which one is yout fav ?? And your summer playlist is so cool !!! Love this post ! Love you x

  19. Lea Says:

    You should have put a link for the books askwell ! But that’s a great idea this playlist for reading ! I will check out both of your playlist, love you x

  20. Sarah Says:

    Awww this is such a good post ! This is a great idea this playlist for reading ! I will add some somgs of David Guetta (like the one he did with Nicki Minaj) and also some of Avicii, and I’m agree, Little Mix are baes ! love you ! x

  21. Jess Says:

    Yaaay a new post ! I did right to come here ! I looooove this post ! It’s such a good idea to do a sort of playlist for reading ! I will look to some of the books ! Wich one do you prefer ? And I heard a bit of each music you suggest and it’s so summery ! Congrats (i think) on this post ! What a great way to start july ! X

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