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Here I am, it’s me, Maesha YAAAAAAY  

 (I don’t know why, it won’t post my picture… Am I too ugly ? :( )

I’m 15 and I’m from Massy,a small town near to Paris. I’m in my secondary year of High School. What else can I say?  I’m obsessed with Marvel (Thor my ultimate fav bc Hemsworth woop),and everything relate to a teenage girl who fangirl a lot oops (and I must confess, Little Mix are my baes k) and I’m a tea lover! I’m French obv, but I will write in English without making mistakes (i hope) (look at my first post to know why). I’d absolutely love to be able to write as part of my career, I would love to be a Journalist/Reporter.


If there’s anything else you’d like to know, you can tweet me here @blogsblueberry. If you have any enquiries, contact me at blueberrycontactpro@gmail.com



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Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xx FRFRx

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